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Donut Fantasy has the largest selection of gourmet donuts in the Fresno/Clovis area. Our donuts run out early so call ahead 559-375-1555 to reserve your favorites or stop by to see what's new.

Gluten Friendly Disclaimer


***We are not a gluten-free donut shop and cannot guarantee that cross contamination will never occur. We have procedures in place to minimize that happening but there is a great deal of gluten in the air and on our work surfaces.

We make our donuts fresh every day; it’s just impossible for us to guarantee that any of our items have not come into contact with gluten in this environment and/or in the supply chain, but if you want to avoid or reduce gluten and do not have celiac disease, a heightened gluten sensitivity or a wheat allergy, (in which case you should check with your doctor), these options might be just what you’re looking for.